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ABC Gerbils...
is a gerbil clan begun in 1999 in Southern New Hampshire. Here is our story...Our first gerbil was an old golden one who was being neglected, so we offered to bring her home with us. She was living in a tank filled to the top with several months worth of gnawed cereal boxes in which she had created a facinating tunnel structure. Even though she had been rarely handled, she was gentle and beautiful. We named her Sierra. Sadly, she died just a few weeks later. After that we started visiting the local pet stores "just to look" at the gerbils. And one day we came home with two colorful 8 week old girls. I picked out a lovely light brown one with a white blaze, named Cara. My daughter selected one brindled with rusty brown and black with a golden undercoat. She looked kind of motley to me, but my daughter finding her absolutely beautiful, named her Blossom. A month later we adopted Alan, a four month old black furred boy with a white chin. When we noticed we had Alan-Blossom-Cara we decided to name their clan ABC gerbils.
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Visit ABC Gerbils at our new home in Marshfield, MA
Gerbil pickup still available in Nashua, NH