About Adopting
ABC Gerbils breeding goals
1: ABC Gerbils is a small "closed" kennel -- To prevent mites and keep the gerbils healthy we rarely bring
     in gerbils from the outside and these are separated and carefully quarentined before entry into kennel.
2: I breed or the extreme in people friendly, gerbil-gentle animals in top health; gerbils are socialized from birth.
3: Breeding for:
     - show build: large males and muscular streamline females.
     - spotted and mottled (very spotted), siamese, burmese, schimmel (orange tailed white).
     -  true, vibrant fur coloring, i.e., without recessive genes that fade out colors.
     -  thick tail tufts.
* ABC Gerbils is located in Southern ew Hampshire w pickup in Waltham, MA too. 
* Gerbils are bred for health & temperament first
* Gerbils have a pedigree showing parents reg info, colors, genetics (upon request).
* All ABC Gerbils have a life-time "welcome back" return policy
  --  If you can no longer care for your gerbils, I can find them a new home.
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Many gerbil rescues, each with their own wonderful story, available in Brighton, MA:
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June 2014
Gerbil Color Pallette...
We've gone home with Celeste
Nicky adopted me!
(with my dad)
We've been adopted by Jessica and her classroom kids
We're going to school
Pretty girl Trio - Nine weeks old
Adopt a pair or all three
Pickup: Waltham, MA or Nashua, NH
Also Available -
Non-breeding (sterile) black female and spotted black male - 1 year old

Coming soon -
Rescue male, black with 1/2 tail due to injury paired with a 5 week old orang pup.
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