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Coupons on
Gerbil Supplies
Coupons on
Gerbil Supplies
All Pets has been offering free shipping.
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Coupons for small animal supplies:
I never buy anything unless I get free shipping; $10 back; 30% off etc.

Best on-line and in-person places for gerbil supplies:
Bedding: Carefresh Bedding $16.99 for 20L:
Tank Cover: Tough top mesh cover (reptile) $4.99 and clips $1.29
   also carries Ornycycline in bird section to cure respiratory infection in pups.
Dishes and Toys: Ceramic dish, wheels, toys, etc:
Waterbottles: 8 oz. waterbottle & plastic holder $2.29: Walmart stores
  High quality 4 oz water bottle and designer color metal guards $5 total
Tanks: 10 gallon tanks $8.95 at Walmart; $9.95 at some family petstores; $10.95 at Petco and PetSmart.
Food: You can buy quality gerbil food in bulk (25-50 lbs) I used to get L&M VitaVittles Gold gerbil food at Pets-Warehouse, but now am very unhappy with this product!  They changed the ingredients list (they are now dumping hamster food into the gerbil package - with increased corn and down from 15% to 12% protein) with no notification of the changes.  Pretty slimy!
Now I'm trying Gerry Gerbil multi-packs (expensive, but good) and Sun Seed Vita Hamster Food (good variety and ingredients and low whole corn, even though it says for hamsters, cheap too $18 for 25 lbs).
Pet Food Direct carries these foods and has a 20% off coupon on "PET2975"Jan 16, 2004:
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