American Gerbil Society: A wealth of information available free.  Join a very active AGS discussion group.  Become a member at a small yearly fee to pick a name for your gerbil clan, register/pedigree your gerbils, join breeder listing and participate in gerbil shows:
Gerbil Behavior:
Care links:
Introducing two lone gerbils
- introduce them gradually with a split cage: only one on each side!

Gerbil gende
r - how to tell if your gerbil is a male or a female:
Gerbil colors and pictures:

Gerbil gene predictor
to figure out what color pups your pair could produce:
coming soon
Genetics and availability of colors:
Breeding information
(the first article is one that I wrote):
My favorite Breeder/enthusiast sites
excellent first-hand information on how to keep gerbils:
Gary's Gerbils
a journal of insights over six years of gerbil keeping
The Dani Clan I learned much about breeding, colors and genetics from this site
New York Gerbils
a beautifully done site with many ideas on keeping and housing gerbils
The Little Rascals
goes beyond the basics with information such as illnesses and training gerbils
Snootie Agouti
a wonderful site with pictures of many colors and quotes from Snooty's gerbil perspective
Best on-line places for gerbil supplie
Carefresh Bedding $16.99 for 20L, often have 20% off sales:
Wire mesh tank cover (reptile) $4.99 and clips $1.29, water bottles 4oz and guards, wheels, toys
Gerbil Links
Gerbil Links
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