Last Updated: July 25, 2007
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ABC Gerbils in 2005
ABC Gerbils in 2003
ABC Gerbils History
GIRLS -- Girls 1: The first CNC litter (from Possum x SB Raccoon): shown are Possum, Pocahontas, Rock-a-bye, Royal (a foster from Furry Flowers), Superstar, and Twizzler; they are rocking in the show ring.
Girls 2: (from Brownie x TLR Leo) Brown Sugar (dark feet markings and almost no white) and Spice (I love her CP Nutmeg coloring!);
Girls 3: (from Snow x Buzz) Puzzle and Princess;
Girls 4: Sweet (from Hope x Swirly) and Fantasia (from Sweet and FF Spidar) -- mother-daughter and both Best Opposite Sex winners;
Girls 5: Over two years old now are snoozing Shooting Star and Mittens;
Girls 6: Promise and daughter Dally - extreme, extreme, variegated mottled and extreme friendly, too -- I’d love to breed one or both;
Girls 7: A new clan of self gerbils with solids having very little white on chins and Sp’s having only tiny head spots: Victoria Rose (Sliver x Raccoon) x On Fire “Romeo” with daughters Tulip, Daffodil, Daisy, Dandelion, Iris, and Rosie;
Girls 8: Wisp (Bonnie x Spider) was bred with Splash (AG Mask x Promise); here are Wisp and her daughters;
Girls 9: (from Raindrop x Gent (chickadee/spider)) Belle’s sister Lovely who is temporarily alone and who I’d like to bred.
Girls 10 (from Sara x Whisper) beautiful Jazz;
Girls 11: Chickadee and daughters (from Spider) Raven, Crow, Morning Dove, and Turtle Dove. One other daughter Black Bird (renamed Mabel) was adopted and bred by Parade gerbils.
Girls 12: Snow (from DS Vicki and Ronzoni) and pups (Snow x Buzz): Hum, Honey, Bumble, Sting

BOYS -- Boys 1: Flying High a siamese (from Bonnie (sweet x beau) x Spidar) and Ace (Black Bird/Parade Mabel x On Fire/Romeo) are bulky boys with rich coloring and gentle personalities - I’d love to breed them.
Boys 2: Onyx (Sliver x Racoon) mugs for the camera in the foreground with Splash (Snow x Buzz) and Opal (Vixen x Nix) hang out in the background. Opal is a dark patched pied gerbil. Click for more pics.
Boys 3: High White boys (from Vixen x Nix) Explosion (Boom) and Spot. Read more about them in this Gerbil Tales article and Click for more pics.
Boys 4: Rambler (AG Mask x Promise) is happy as nursery dad for now. I’d like to breed him again eventually.

COUPLES -- These couples are in various stages of retirement, so usually there are about two - three active couples breeding at a time.
Couple 1: New couple Champion Silver Belle (from Raindrop x Gent) is paired with Black Jack (from Possum x Raccoon) are very much in love.
Couple 2: Bubbles (from Sliver x Raccoon) very pregnant with her first litter and SB Muscles
Couple 3: Older couple Raindrop x Spider have only produced one baby, so far
Couple 4: We are looking forward to gorgeous golden white belly pups from FF Golden x SB Peanut Butter to introduce into the line
Couple 5: Vixen (Snow x Buzz) and FF Nix produce every thing from Mottled to extreme mottled to high white. Many of the solid pups have so much white extension that they have a tiny head spot, four white paws and a wide bib. Click here for more pictures.
Couple 6: Reflection (Vixen and FF Nix) has a half white face and not too much mottling on the rest of his body. He is with Diamond a mismarked pied now (almost 2 years and no pups yet). Looking for a variegated pattern with still having more then 75% color for the show ring.
Couple 7: SB Raccoon is newly paired with SB Starlight to add white belly, especially ee, gerbils into our line -- hopefully with the huge storybook tufts, too.
Couple 8: Nice (Bambi (jazz x bnb) x TLR Leo) x TLR Izzy are producing gorgeous show CPs with excellent full tails. Hope to get some with very little or no white chin.

There have been many changes since the last snapshot of ABC Gerbils in 2005 …We still have Jazz (Girl 10) but lost many of our other long-time gerbils earlier this year: our oldest gerbil Sara, and also Hope, Fury, BNB, and Skyline who all helped define the standard of ABC gerbils in beauty, top health, and sweet friendliness. Only 10 days ago, at nearly 3 ½ years old, our much loved Buzz passed away leaving Snow and countless pups in homes across the country and their final litter of four (Girls 12). Both Jazz and Buzz were featured heavily as gerbil models in the “Gerbils” book published in 2005 by BowTie Press.

The gerbils have done very well in the show ring in the past two years. We have a new champion Belle (Couples 1) and have brought home three rosettes (BIS and BOS winners). Skyline won BIS in the last AGS Virtual show. Brownie (now visiting at Parade gerbils) won Best in Show in the first ever National Gerbil Society Virtual show. Several of the other gerbils brought home show and pet class ribbons, too, decorating our walls.

Exciting changes for ABC gerbils includes the merging with my daughter’s Cute ‘N Cuddly (CNC) kennel: all gerbils will now be CNC registered. We are working closely with a satellite breeder Rebecca Azer of Parade Gerbils. So more gerbils from our lines are available for adoption and can be adopted in two states: New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

We’ve brought in a number of Storybook gerbils and hope they bring their flaring tail tufts and also introduce ee white belly gerbils into our lines. We are breeding two handsome Color points from The Little Rascals (one shown in Couples 8) to bring in their show builds, dark paws, and remove any extraneous white markings. We continue to breed for solid “self” gerbils: FF Spider is an integral part of the self line and SB Raccoon with his bulk and tail are helping here too; Spider a ch black has also enhanced the CP line. We are striving towards extreme mottled gerbils with a variegated pattern (i.e., spotting throughout the white collar). We’ve produced high white gerbils (Boys 12) with the introduction of FF Nix and also a few through ABC’s Second Promise.