Hamsters have long had the popularity that rightfully belongs to gerbils.  Listed below are the major differences between keeping gerbils versus hamsters.
Gerbils vs. Hamsters
why gerbils make nicer, easier, more engaging pets...

Gerbils switch off between napping and playing 24/7.

Gerbils are energetic and athletic and fun to watch.

Gerbils are social and live in pairs. Gerbils bond tightly and are great parents.

Tamed gerbils rarely nip. It is important to get gerbils that have been handled from a young age.

Gerbils are desert animals that produce little waste.

Gerbils have beautiful, long furry tails with a tuft.


Hamsters are nocturnal: they sleep all day.

Hamsters waddle around and run the wheel.

Hamsters are solitary and live alone. Hamsters will fight and are more likely to cannibalize young.

Hamsters are more easily alarmed and more likely to nip when alarmed, e.g., when awakened in the day.

Hamster tanks get very stinky very quickly.

Hamsters have short, stubby bare tails.

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